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What are acceptable forms of payment for the course(s)?

To pay online the acceptable forms of payment are eCheck, and debit or credit card. To make a payment, go to:

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Can I use Financial Aid to pay for TrojanAdvance courses?

Financial Aid cannot be used if you are only enrolling in TrojanAdvance courses. However, if you are taking a traditional online or face to face course, Financial Aid may be applied to TrojanAdvance, if you have funding available.

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Are there any other costs associated with these courses?

No. The $199 tuition includes all of the instructional materials, including eBook, associated with the course.

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Where do I register for the course?

You may register online for the course at You will need your Userid and PIN to access the Banner Self Service area.

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Who do I contact if I have questions regarding registering for the course(s)?

Contact the Registrar’s office at (804) 524-5275.

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Who should I contact if I’ve forgotten my Userid or Password for Banner Self-Service?

Contact the Technology Services Help Desk at (804) 524-5210.

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Where do I pay for the course?

Payments can be made online at The steps for paying for the course(s) online are:

  • Scroll down to Make a Payment
  • From the “This payment applies toward,” select VSU – Student/Parent Payments
  • Click on Make a One-Time Payment
  • In Box 1, enter your name, student ID and the Summer 2013 term, then click on Continue
  • In Box 2, find the “Pay Current and/or prior term bill,” where you will enter:
    • $199 – 1 course
    • $398 – 2 courses
    • $597 – 3 courses
  • Then click on the +Add button
  • In Box 3, enter the Payment Information, then click on Continue
  • In Box 4, Verify Payment Information and complete the process

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When are registrations and payments due?

Timely registration and payment for the courses are due the last work day before the course(s) start for both the Summer and Winter terms. Late payments will result in a $100 late fee being assessed.

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Where will I log in for the course(s)?

The course will be available through Blackboard at and once the instructor has made the course available, you will see the class in your Blackboard My Courses list of classes.

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I didn’t pay my bill for the course but the class is still in my Blackboard list of courses I’m taking. Am I still in the course? ?

You may see the course for a few days in your Blackboard My Classes, even if you didn’t pay or dropped the class. This information will eventually disappear.

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Will I receive full credit for successfully completing the course(s)?

Yes, you will be awarded full credit for successfully completing the course(s) and the courses count toward your grade point average (GPA).

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In how many of these courses may I enroll?

For the Summer term Sessions 61 and 62, you are expected to spend 27 hours per week participating in a three credit class through reading, discussions boards, tests and all other activities associated with the class. For session 63, you are expected to spend 15 hours in a three credit class. As such, the following combinations are the maximum course registrations are acceptable. Up to 1 course in session 61, 1 course in session 62 and 1 course in session 63. Up to 3 courses in session 63.

For the Winter term, you may register for one and only one course based on the expected activity time in each course.

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Are there any requisites to taking a TrojanAdvance Course?

Yes. All students registering for a TrojanAdvance course are required to complete a SmarterMeasure Assessment prior to participating in a class. This assessment is only required to be completed once and will take approximately an hour to complete. The results of this assessment will help you and your instructors understand your strengths as weaknesses as it relates to taking online courses.

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Do you need a computer to take a TrojanAdvance Course?

It is strongly recommended that you have your own personal computer to successfully complete a TrojanAdvance Course.

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When will I have access to the courses in which I registered?

The course instructor will communicate with you when the course becomes available for access within Blackboard.

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How long do I have before I can drop the course?

As is true with any Summer class at VSU, you will only have until the end of the first day of the session in which to drop the course. To drop the course, login to Banner Self Service at Once you have logged in, complete the following steps:

  • Select the Student Services and Financial Aid menu
  • Select the Registration menu.
  • Select Register, Add or Drop Classes
  • Select the term and click on the Submit button.
  • Drop the desired class by selecting “Web Drop” from the action field and clicking on Submit Changes.
  • Click the View Your Schedule link at the bottom of the Register, Add or Drop Classes page to see your confirmed schedule.

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What type of Internet connection is required for the course?

For a satisfactory experience, it is strongly recommended using a high-speed connection such as DSL or cable modem.

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What Operating Systems and Browsers are supported for these courses?

View the Blackboard Browser Information Page.

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